Covid-19 UPDATES

Your health and safety are of primary importance, both physical and emotional. Working in person with my clients will always be my preferred method. However, I want you to feel comfortable and safe when we are together, so I leave it up to you to decide whether we meet in person or online.

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What is telemental health?

Telemental health (or online therapy) includes mental health services that are provided over secure internet formats that include video and audio services. Services are provided directly from the provider to the client who are each in different physical locations.

Who is telemental health for?

Telemental health is for those who are permanently or temporarily unable to attend sessions in a physical office location. Clients who have barriers, such as physical disability, scheduling limitations, transportation limitations, etc. are wonderful candidates for this type of service. While telemental health services are an option for couples as well as individuals, couple’s are especially encouraged to attend sessions in the therapy office as much as possible.

Are there requirements for receiving telemental health services?

Requirements for providing and receiving telemental health services vary from state to state. The state of Colorado recommends that clients who receive telemental health services, meet in person at least one time prior to engaging in telemental health sessions. In addition, telemental health services cannot be provided to those who are not physically in the state in which the provider is licensed at the time of the session. Family Connections Counseling adheres to these requirements.

What can I expect?

If you are receiving telemental health services from Family Connections Counseling, your first session will be provided at the physical office, located in Colorado Springs. During the first session, you and your provider will discuss the important laws and boundaries of the counseling relationship as well as important aspects of telemental health services and how you may be impacted. During this session, the provider will assess your specific needs to ensure that telemental health services are appropriate. There are some clients that may not be a good fit for telemental health services, and this will be discussed during the first session.

How do I set up an appointment?

When you schedule, you will be given the opportunity to select “in office” or “telehealth” appointment. It is generally considered best practices for teletherapy clients to be seen in the office for the initial visit. Because of Covid-19 however, those guidelines have been relaxed a little however and you are welcome to do your initial visit by teletherapy as well, if you feel most comfortable with that.