Project Description

Why try counseling?  Because it actually works!  It is amazing to me that human beings not only have the capability to endure, but also the capacity to heal, to grow, and to thrive, even in the most adverse circumstances and conditions.  I’ve witnessed this phenomenon in my clients over and over.  While many of us have supportive friends and family to go to when we are struggling, there may be times when we want to seek help outside of our “go to” resources.  At such times, counseling can offer an emotionally safe and supportive place to explore the unique issues and experiences in our lives that have left us feeling sad, angry, anxious, lonely and/or confused.

Whether you are hurting, struggling in your relationships, feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of your job or family responsibilities, or are dealing with a mental illness or physical challenge, we will work together to develop more peace and balance in your life.  My role as a counselor is to work along side you as you learn to use new tools and skills, and to help you come to a deeper understanding of yourself and the impact that your experiences have made on you, as well as on those people in your life who are important to you.  If you choose to do so, we will work specifically on the situations, struggles and obstacles that are currently causing distress, and your responses to those. If you believe that change in your situation will be helpful, we will work toward change. If you decide that it is you who needs to change, but you don’t think you can, let me promise you right here and now that change is not only possible, but probable, when you have the tools and the support you need.  As we work together in counseling, you may begin to see and experience yourself and your world in a new and more positive light.

Although the training required to work with individuals, as opposed to couples or families, is significantly different, I encourage and help all of my clients to explore and understand their current situations and experiences, to clarify their values and goals, and then to move toward growth and healing. If you are struggling, and you think that counseling might be helpful for you, you are probably right.  And even if you aren’t 100% sure, I encourage you to take a chance on it.  Please contact me or go ahead and schedule an appointment right now.  I love my job, and I truly look forward to meeting you to see if we can work together to improve your life, increase your joy, and to find peace regardless of your circumstances.